Color your Life Pink La vie en rose Japan

How to Color your Life in Pink “La vie en rose” in Japan

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Color your Life Pink La vie en rose Japan

As a very young man, I kept hearing this song “La vie en Rose”, that kept punctuating my Life. I never paid attention to the lyrics. I was first introduced to the song in a Disco, in Montreal with the remake of it by Grace Jones. So being young and a full head of Hair I danced to it. I luckily speak French so I literally understood the words but again, I just hummed along to the tune. It’s a lovely tune and for those who don’t know the song, it lyrically sounds like one would imagine, pink would sound like.

Then I fell in Love!

Many years later, again, the song was back into my life. I was sitting in a jazz bar in Puerto Vallarta, and they had a soundtrack playing during the break from the floor show and the La vie en Rose came on. This time, being more mature and more importantly being a man in love, I was listening to it. to what seems like, it was like for the first time. Living life in Pink and what it feels like being in love. How your lover makes you feel, that everything is magical. Living love, seeing everything through pink colored lenses. How awesome!

Splendor in Japan

Color your Life Pink La vie en rose Japan

Here’s an option to actually be surround yourself in pink. From imagination to actual reality. Imagine, being able to walk through a canopy of pink. Walking through Historical Gardens, all in pink. Recreating for yourself, the feeling of being in Love. In love with life, nature and the universal things that connect us to humanity (being alive).

By now, I hope your saying I want to experience that. Where do I , How do I, get this for myself?

Well, visit Japan during The Cherry Blossom Season. The best time is usually around, mid March to beging of April. Japan is a Gay friendly travel destination. It offers the Gay traveler many options and many destinations within the country.

How to Color your life in pink “La vie en rose” in Japan

Experience “La vie en Rose”, here’s a list of Locations that allow you see the beautiful cherry Blossoms

and can also can be combined with Gay Venues. Each location offers a Gay scene, so you truly can have it all.

Admire elegant landmark Osaka Castle Garden with the beauty of its stone wall.
Color your Life Pink La vie en rose Japan
Marvel at the deer frolic on the wide lawns at Nara Deer Park also named as Places of Scenic Beauty.
Color your Life Pink La vie en rose Japan
Stroll in Kyoto with a visit to one of Japan’s best-known shrines- the Fushimi Inari Shrine, the famous thousand red torii gates.
Color your Life Pink La vie en rose Japan
Climb Japan’s highest mountain, the legendary Mt Fuji, the UNESCO World Heritage site.
 Color your Life Pink La vie en rose Japan
And enjoy the city, Tokyo and shopping at Nakamise Shopping Street.
Color your Life Pink La vie en rose Japan



Truly a feast for the eyes! Something Magical! Book it Now

Remember the best time to catch this marvelous time of year is Mid March to Beginning of April



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