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The gay capital Berlin, Germany…..Europe’s Gayest City and, arguably, sex capital of Europe. Berlin is home to a gay scene like no other.

Berlin has become popular as a place of residence for people from all over the world as it is the most inexpensive capital city in Western Europe.

Berlin is well-known for its architecture, festivals, contemporary arts, nightlife and a great quality of living.

Also it’s EU’s Fetish Capital 
Most people don’t realize it but Berlin may actually be Europe’s gayest capital. It seems to have the most gay attractions in the world, including a gay museum and a gay memorial . This hedonistic city is so open-minded it’s elected an openly gay mayor, and gay bars are also straight bars. There are dozens of attractions and therefore several gay publications telling you what’s going on.

Berlin’s Gay Scene

Berlin’s gay scene is spread out across two main districts: Schöneberg and Prenzlauer Berg.

Most of the gay hotels, bars, cafés and shops are located in the Schöneberg district. There are two smaller gay areas in the less commercial Kreuzberg and the younger Friedrichshain in the east which has developed as another area with gay-friendly venues.

Gay highlights include Folsom Europe, the Berlinale film festival, Easter Meeting for bears and friends, the Gay & Lesbian Street Festival in Schöneberg, Gay Pride, Hustler Ball and many large sex parties.

The scene in Berlin is strong and diverse, and everyone will find something for their taste.  Many gay bars and clubs don’t indicate closing hours. In Berlin, if you are up for it, you can party around the clock.

Berlin, Germany.....Europe's Gayest City

Berlin is considered one of the best places to live in the world and the city is nowadays a center of multicultural experiences, a collage of diversity and personality.

Of course there are the occasional intolerant people, but chances are you’re cool enough to ignore them. You can have the experience of the naked sauna (Boiler is the place to be on weekends) and the almost-naked dance-floor (which makes some clubs really, really popular).

Gay Adventures

For gay-adventures, clubs and bars accommodate every type of attitude, fetish or otherwise. For cocktails and Friday-night fun, visit Hafen near Nollendorfplatz. Furry night? What about the bar Roses, in Kreuzberg, with its claustrophobic space artificially expanded with mirrors. For the dark and kinky, try Lab-oratory or Tom’s bar.

Dancing in Berlin comes easy. Schwuz, a club open Wednesday to Sunday, hosts thematic nights, like the one dedicated to indie and Brit-pop music called London Calling (the first Friday of every month). Other parties are sporadic, like the recent Brazilian gay nights called Beitola or the Jewish-gay-parties Meschugge.

Funlife like this makes Berlin a great city for gay travellers to explore.

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