Truly An Awesome Gay Caribbean Paradise

Truly An Awesome Gay Caribbean Paradise

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Our Little Secret

Okay, you know the feeling when, you discover a gem of a restaurant, bakery or shop in your town. Now you realize that some people know about this place but it hasn’t really hit the masses. Meaning it hasn’t become Trendy, yet. Although, you wish the owner well, you want to keep the secret. But you can’t. Your very excited, and now you want to share the secret with your friends. That is how I feel about this Truly awesome Gay Caribbean paradise Villa Rainbow, Located in the Beautiful Caribbean.

An Introduction to Truly An Awesome Gay Caribbean Paradise

Do you want to know how I got introduced to this Gay Paradise? Well the owner of Villa Rainbow read a post on and left a gracious comment.So, being the curious Queen that I am, I immediately went to check out their site. It was Love at first site and I in-turn I let them know.

Our wonderful Global Gay Community

That’s what’s so amazing about our Gay community, we are Global. Really, this allows us to forget our barriers and celebrate our commonalities, unlike any other, community. So when we come across a gay owned resort, that offers such amazing amenities and located in such a beautiful locale. You have to spread the Love. Anywhere we can be safe and 100% ourselves, must be celebrated.

Getting a Sense of St. Martin

It is the smallest island in the world which is divided into 2 countries, French, and Dutch. Hence the very gay-friendly and open-minded atmosphere! This aspect developed even more with the growing tourism since the 50s. Luxury yachts, private jets, rich and famous go there and to St Barth.

Today, it is the most cosmopolitan island in the world probably, with more than 100 different nationalities who choose to live and work there. With such a variety of people, no doubt the restaurants have followed the path, and on the French side, the village of Grand Case is also called the gastronomy capital of the Caribbean. You can taste delicious creole food, eat in tiny restaurants with romantic terraces overlooking the sea, have sea food, live lobsters in aquariums, fresh fishes, and tasty French specialties.

Beaches, Beaches and more Beaches

The beaches offer a large choice also: 32 at least, quiet and secluded, clothing optional or vibrant with nautical sports, beach bars, some shady, others very long, definitely a pleasure to tan or walk, even nude : Cupecoy is the famous gay beach, with nice cliffs, and Orient Bay has a large nude beach with facilities.

This open-minded atmosphere, on a scenic tropical island, attracted many artists (painters, sculptors, ceramists, precious wood marqueters, photographers). You can discover their workshops easily, or visit the art galeries. Some are definitely male-oriented.

The French side hosts Eros, the gay club with regular shows, plenty gay-friendly bars, like Zent It in Grand Case, lounges and restaurants, and is quiet, with many green areas, a natural reserve, and Pic Paradis famous Loterie Farm with their Extreme Zip Line, their Hidden Forest Café and Tree Lounge. The Dutch side is more heavily built, has lots of casinos, a vibrant night life, the cruise ship terminal, etc.

Duty Free shopping is popular for liquors, watches, perfumes etc. as there are no import duties at all on the island, and the streets of Marigot, the French capital, along the Marina Royale, have many luxury boutiques, nice fashion men’s clothing and underwear.

The gay life is present and active while discreet. Many gays have established themselves on the island, in all avenues. In terms of lodging, Villa Rainbow is the exclusively-gay male small luxury guesthouse, located on top of the island with breathtaking views on the Caribbean sea. Perfect for relaxing and romantic male holidays.

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Now about The Secret!

Villa Rainbow,

100% gay male paradise in the Caribbean

Villa Rainbow, 100% gay male guesthouse, is located on top of St Martin island, still very close from the beaches, and offers stunning views & sunsets on the Caribbean sea and nearby islands.

Truly An Awesome Gay Caribbean Paradise

Relax around the large clothing-optional mosaic pool, on the massage deck, in the infinity jacuzzi or on one of our numerous terraces.

Truly An Awesome Gay Caribbean Paradise


Truly An Awesome Gay Caribbean Paradise








Enjoy the 5 exquisite & independent rooms, each with extra large king size beds, private bathroom, within a lush tropical garden full of orchids and palmtrees.

Truly An Awesome Gay Caribbean Paradise

Truly An Awesome Gay Caribbean Paradise

You will love the charm of this romantic and well equipped place, the personalized attention, the famous sunset drinks, and meeting new friends from all over the world.

Truly An Awesome Gay Caribbean Paradise










St Martin offers 33 great beaches, including gay and nude ones, duty free shopping, plenty beach bars and restaurants, fantastic activities and day trips. It is also one of the most gay-friendly islands in the Caribbean!


Truly An Awesome Gay Caribbean Paradise


More information on

Our facebook page : Villa Rainbow – St Martin – Caribbean
St Martin: the very gay-friendly Caribbean island

Villa Rainbow​​​

Now you get why Villa Rainbow has captured our imagination and why I just had to share this Gay vacation destination. I’m sure that you”ll fall in “Love at first sight” like I did.

By the way, I’m not getting paid by Villa Rainbow, it just fits what is all about. I’d love to hear from anyone who has experienced this spectacular Gay resort. Especially if,you’re going to this resort after finding out about it on!

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