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Tuesday’s has become a great Gay travel info getting day. Revisiting some famous gay travel spots and introducing some new ones. What a great way to celebrate our gay travels.

Here at, we wanted to get in on the action. So researching our great Gay friendly travel destinations we thought we would, on Travel-Tuesday, re-feature one of our most beloved gay spots.
Puerto VallartaTravel TuesdayThis is always a great gay travel destination. From the fabulous beaches, to the fine dining and all culminating with an incredible nightlife.

What more can you ask for.


New featured Gay Travel destination for Travel Tuesday

Therefore, we would like like suggest a new gay spot, which is: Tokyo, JapanTravel Tuesday/gay-tokyo

Tokyo is the capital and the largest metropolitan area of Japan. With a population of 13 million, the city has been described as one of the three “command centers” for the world economy, along with New York and London. Currently, there are currently no laws on homosexuality, but there is no legal recognition of same-sex relationships. All the while, the Japanese culture does not have a history of hostility towards LGBT individuals. Making it a safe Gay Destination that we can suggest. Read More on Destinations page.

So, hopefully our contribution to Travel Tuesday has been beneficial to you, our reader. Let us know if you enjoyed! If you really enjoyed it book it now on Tripadvisior and Save up to 25% on your hotel & see millions of reviews.

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