When traveling, you also practice safety and street smarts.  You pack well and try to plan for all eventualities.  But there are factors beyond your control that may affect you during the trip, and the consequences of being unprepared for those type of happenings can be extremely damaging.  You wouldn’t drive your car without car insurance, so why travel without proper coverage?

What should  Travel Insurance include?

These are all elements of a good travel insurance package:

Out of country emergency medical coverage
Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption
Loss/Theft of Baggage and Valuables
24-hour Access to a Representative – this allows you to get the proper medical help when you need it and can eliminate communication difficulties

Often some of us have travel health insurance through their our group benefits at work, or through our credit cards. (if the trip was paid for on that credit card).  It is worth your time to take a thorough look at any coverage you currently have and find out if each family member is included and whether there are any exemptions or limitations. What is covered and in which circumstances.

Need extra coverage?

If you don’t feel that your current coverage is enough, shop for additional coverage. Look for features that will compliment what you already have.  For example, you can purchase a trip cancellation policy on its own, allowing you to count on the medical insurance your employer offers. Therefore, still leaving you the feeling comfortable about the time & money you’ve invested in your trip.

What Can Happen If You Travel Without Coverage?

Well, sometimes it could be the difference between a great vacation and a terrible one. Not to mention a much, much, much more expensive one. If you don’t have coverage, any accidents, emergencies, losses and cancellation costs will come out of your pocket.  Thus, with a good travel insurance policy you are protected at all times from the moment your trip is booked, to the moment you return home. Therefore, that is why we strongly recommend that you look into this matter further.

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