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Tour the World with an Ultimate World Cruise experience!

Tour the World with an ultimate World Cruise experience!

Tour the World with an Ultimate World Cruise experience!

Nothing beats a world cruise to truly enjoy this awesome planet. Cruises allow you to relax and master the art of letting go. Enjoy the peaceful days at sea between ports and not to mention meeting all sorts of people that often lead making lifelong friendships.

A world cruise encompasses many things. When we think of world cruises, there are grand voyages, which can go for 70 days plus. But really they can last anywhere from 21 to 150 days and may cross the globe or visit several continents.


Tour the World with an Ultimate World Cruise experience!

A boomerang cruise can also be synonymous for a world cruise. This means you could sail each way of your round trip cruise on a different ship, which provides more variety. There are also off-season voyages.

Gay Friendly Cruising at Sea

In today’s cruise market, there are plenty of options for gay and lesbian passengers to choose from. It’s no longer a question of “will I be able to find a cruise I’m comfortable on?” and more an issue of whittling down the numerous choices to a cruise that best suits your style. One of the first steps is to decide whether you would prefer a gay cruise or a gay-friendly cruise.

Gay cruises are very popular with singles and couples looking to relax, let their hair down and enjoy a social, party-like atmosphere. Companies such as Atlantis and Olivia frequently charter ships from major cruise lines to offer these sailings.  Part of the charm of a charter cruise is that everything from the entertainment to the itinerary is tailored towards gay passengers. Special entertainment guests are booked, couples’ massages are offered at the spa, and you’ll even find gay friendly movies playing in the staterooms. Additionally, gay and lesbian charter cruises always stop at gay-friendly ports.

Tour the World with an Ultimate World Cruise experience!

For those looking to sail on a mainstream, but gay-friendly cruise line, rest assured that all major cruise lines promote an atmosphere of tolerance and diversity. Most ships offer “Friends of Dorothy” meetings, and if they aren’t already scheduled when you board your ship, you can request that that the cruise director set one up.


Tour the World with an Ultimate World Cruise experience!

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