Things Gay Travelers Must Do Before Booking Gay Hotels

Things Gay Travelers Must Do Before Booking Gay Hotels

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Things Gay Travellers Must Do Before Booking Gay Hotels

More and more people around the world are becoming tolerant and accepting of gay and lesbian relationships in society. A few progressive countries, such as the Netherlands, Spain, Canada and South Africa, have already legalized marriage among members of this group; the US, one of the most culturally influential countries in the world, has even started taking steps to recognize the rights of members of the LGBT community. However, despite the increasing acceptance towards gays, there are still some places in the world where homosexuality is largely frowned upon or even punishable by law.

Because of the differing opinions on homosexuality or same-sex relationships, it can be difficult for gays and lesbians to freely travel around the world. To help make vacations much more enjoyable and safer for gays, here are three things gay travelers must do even before booking rooms in gay hotels:

Do your research. Besides reading up on popular activities and tourist spots, also make sure to check how people in your chosen destination feel about homosexuality. Guides written by fellow gay travelers and information from international organizations, such as the ILGA and the IGLTA, can help you get a comprehensive view on gay-friendly (and not-so-friendly) places throughout the world. It’s best to know what you can expect of a place rather than find out when you are already there.

Check the law. This is perhaps the most important information that you must learn before visiting any country. There are certain tourist spots that are particularly tolerant of people who are gay; Cabo, San Lucas in Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok and Amsterdam are just a few. However, a few countries, such as Islamic nations in the Middle East, are less tolerant towards homosexuality and may impose harsh punishments towards gay travelers. Try to get as much information on a country’s legal limits on homosexual behaviour and behave accordingly. If the laws fail to mention anything specific, the best and safest course for gay travelersis to be discreet and avoid risky situations.

Get testimonials from fellow gay travelers. Although travel agents may be helpful in planning, they might neglect to mention a few important details that can have a big effect on a gay traveler’s vacation (but would normally not be as important for straight travelers). There are various ways to get testimonials regarding gay tours; for instance, you can ask a travel agent for opinions from past clients. You can also consult friends and co-workers for their experiences or ask friends in international LGBT communities through social networking sites, forums and personal blogs.

Want a better and more interesting gay touring with your partner? Listed above are just some of the things you might want to do before booking gay hotels for your next tour.

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