Which Caribbean islands are safe for gay travelers?

Which Caribbean islands are safe for gay vacationers?

Aug. 16, 2020 by

The Caribbean is a area of the Americas positioned southeast of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s well-known for its tropical climate, stunning blue skies and crystal-clear waters. Nevertheless, sure areas of the Caribbean are additionally notorious for their conservative politics

Most Epic Hot Air Balloon Adventures Around the World

Most Epic Hot Air Balloon Adventures Around the World

Aug. 11, 2020 by

Hot air balloons…they’re not just for the Wizard of Oz anymore. In fact, many destinations around the world have launched hot air balloon journeys that are truly unique, adventurous, and will give you marvelous views that allow “ballooners” to see


5 of the Most Isolated Islands on Earth

Aug. 10, 2020 by

To actually get away from all of it, you could need to go to the some most remoted islands in the world. These locations are fascinating and mysterious, in addition to being positioned removed from most of civilization. In case


5 Best Gay Hotels in Venice for a fabulous stay

Jul. 16, 2020 by

With good reason, Venice is widely considered to be among the most romantic cities on the planet. From gondola rides down impossibly narrow canals to the Bridge of Sighs and the stunning sprawl of the Grand Canal, this Italian city

Airline Safety Standards in the USA

Airline Safety Standards in the USA

Jul. 15, 2020 by

Airline Safety Standards in the USA During the COVID-19 Pandemic Some nations, like Canada, have implemented laws that mandate nationwide travel safety precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the United States has left it up to the airlines. This has


What Hotels are Doing to Keep You Safe

Jul. 13, 2020 by

After months of lockdown, hotels are reopening and incorporating big changes to the way they operate in order to make your stay safe and relaxing. From big chains like Marriott to boutique hotels like The Betsy on South Beach in

What You Need to Know

Jul. 11, 2020 by

Recently, many European countries started opening their doors to visitors from other countries in Europe. For international travelers hoping to visit Europe, however, that option may not be available until mid- or late-summer. Here’s a list of where some of


Montenegro Is Latest Country to Recognize Same-Sex Unions

Jul. 6, 2020 by

The Balkan country of Montenegro has legalized same-sex civil unions. The country’s 81-seat parliament passed the measure with 42 votes, according to Radio Free Europe. The move grants same-sex civil unions the same benefits as heterosexual ones, although they will

E.U. Bans American Tourists

E.U. Bans American Tourists

Jul. 5, 2020 by

<” class=”TPAutoLinks” >” class=”TPAutoLinks” >div” class=”TPAutoLinks” > id=”article-content”> The European Union is prohibiting travel from the U.S., even as it welcomes tourists from a list of countries that includes Algeria, Rwanda, Serbia, and Uruguay. The E.U. opened its borders today for

Key West’s best gay bars, clubs, resorts and beaches

Jul. 4, 2020 by

Conch! It’s quite a quirky word, satisfying, yet it sounds like you’re cursing…“you CONCHhead!” or “you’re such a CONCH!”… Giggles aside, over in the gay island mecca of Key West, a conch is a legit nickname given to the locals.

Will Queers Save the Travel Industry — Again?

Will Queers Save the Travel Industry — Once more?

Jul. 1, 2020 by

It’s usually acknowledged in the traveler business that queers have been a few of the first to return to the market after the terrorist assaults of 2001, and the business is cautiously optimistic queer journey will come to the rescue


8 of the Best Countries in the World for LGBTQ Neighborhood!

Jul. 1, 2020 by

As of late, it appears the world is a bit of a seize bag on the subject of LGBTQ rights. Some nations, like Poland, have slid dangerously backward. Others, like the ones featured on this listing, defend their LGBTQ residents

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