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Rehoboth Beach–The Mid-Atlantic’s Gay Haven

On the Tip from an visitor, I was corrected on the error of my ways. I had written a post on another mid Atlantic Gay Destination (so I thought) and this reader send me a kind message that I had gotten it wrong. So I was steered in the true Gay travel destination of the Mid-Atlantic. This Gay Destionation is Rehoboth Beach. So Thanks Peter!

Rehoboth Beach--The Mid-Atlantic's Gay Haven

Gay Rehoboth Beach–The Mid-Atlantic’s Gay Haven

Rehoboth Beach has been a popular getaway town for the DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore GLBT communities for over 30 years. It is a summer town, and the population swells to 50,000 during the season.

Rehoboth Beach is also known as one of the mid-Atlantic coast’s popular LGBT-friendly getaways because of the large number of LGBT-owned and operated businesses and because of the LGBT-frequented stretch of beach near Queen Street at the south end of the boardwalk, known as Poodle Beach. Poodle Beach attracts gay men while North Shore Beach within Cape Henlopen State Park attracts lesbian women.

Very few establishments scream “Gay Bar!” because GLBT’s are welcomed everywhere. Most of the cruising here happens at the beach, and there is also a boardwalk that offers a variety of food, arcades and bars. There is also an active house party scene in Rehoboth, with many parties open to the public. Look for fliers at Poodle Beach.

So, when the sun goes down, there are plenty of restaurants and bars for fine dining, meeting people, drinking and entertainment.

Amazing Shopping

Let’s not forget shopping! Outside of Rehoboth Beach along Delaware Route 1 are the Tanger Outlets, which operate three locations along the highway with over 130 outlet stores and Delaware is sales tax free.

Here is a Map of Gay Places to Stay in and Play in.

Gay Eateries, Hotels, Clubs and Pubs!

Here is an opportunity to check out some Places to Stay in Behoboth

So, if your in the Neighborhood, visiting a major urban area close by, why not plan a Getaway to the Atlantic Coast.
Visit Rehoboth, Delware and Have Fun! Always, Remember your street smarts.

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