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New York, New York….Gay Iconic City

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Home of the famous “Stonewall”

Gay Iconic City – Ny, Ny…Also known as, The Big Apple, is the birthplace of gay life and of the gay pride movement. It’s the home of Stonewall which led to all of the gay pride events around the world, and most of Manhattan (and now even parts of Brooklyn) is one giant gay village. That what makes New York, NY a Gay Iconic City!

From Greenwich Village to Chelsea, with their Christopher Street and 8th Avenue having gays heading down to the multitude of gay bars, clubs, and shops at any time of the day.  There’s definitely  lot’s to do in this metropolis.  From the amazing Museums to just simply strolling through Central Park.  Heck, even window shopping in New York is glorious. This is one place that you can definitely find anything or anyone who is into any scene that you prefer. Something for everyone!

Oh, have I mentioned all the great restaurants that there are! Multi culturism, I think, was invented in this city. From as early as the 18 hundreds New York city was the port of entry into the USA. You can still see the representation of these ethnically diverse peoples.. From little Italy to Harlem!…and all the types of gastronomy that have contributed to this city. Awesome eats.

One trip is never enough. You possibly cannot see everything in a week or two. That’s whats amazing about New York city. Just when you think you’ve seen it all…something new comes along. It’s really a hub of creativity. A new restaurant, a new club or even a new Broadway show comes out. Thus, reinventing and energizing the city, with the buzz, about it all.

Of-course we recommend always having your street smarts about you at all times. Amidst all this fabulousness, there are always elements  that are up-to no good. So always be careful. But I say, book your best gay vacation ever. You must visit New York City!


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