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An adventurous Gay Vacation

Laos is a don’t-miss destination that most travelers to Asia skip. If your an adventure loving Gay traveler, this balmy destination, known as “the forgotten country” gets little global attention. Where as, it’s more popular bordering neighbors are traversed by millions of visitors a year.
Laos, has Spectacular landscapes, which all but vanished in other parts of Asia. Here in Laos, they are still plentiful. Along with traditional life, there is a the wealth of beauty and tradition waiting to be discovered. Very friendly, law-abiding citizens, that offer a convergence of culture and ethnicity.
Costumes, cuisine, gardens and homes are a color-splashed feast for the senses. This country has a very young population, so we expect much more from this new generation, as it gains confidence and freedoms.

For the Gay Traveler

Laos does come with a Disclosure for the Gay Traveler!

Don’t travel to Laos expecting to find a similar gay scene, as you would in other Asiatic countries it neighbors. Instead, appreciate the scene you do find. Still in it’s infancy. A new found acceptance towards local gays, men & women, who have started to coming into their own and make a difference. Such as, in vogue bistros, bars, boutique lodgings, displays, eateries and art shops appearing in the two principle urban areas.

Off the Grid

This country is so off the grid, and it’s managed to be kept unspoiled. Centuries old, all the while maintaining it’s charm. Old-fashioned and bare boned. With no pizazz, Luang Prabang, unlike other Southeast Asian cities like Saigon and Bangkok, has unblemished topography and really untouched society. It has become a magnet for serious backpackers and luxury travelers alike thanks to its retro vibes, rich heritage, French colonial past, and small-scale tourism infrastructure. The hordes of vacationers are virtually nonexistent.

Luang Prabang…Time warp

Laos is a time warp for culture junkies, a natural hot spot for adventurists, and, ultimately, an exciting, travel destination that hasn’t fully surrendered to mass tourism. The attractions are deeply unforgettable. Therefore, making Laos, an exciting gay vacation destination.

Gay Scene

And while the gay scene is just emerging, it’s not unwelcoming to gay travelers from around the world. Here, it’s not unusual to see ladyboys in cafés or gay travelers cramming Lao Lao Garden, a gay-owned restaurant that’s become the stomping ground for the LGBT community. While Luang Prabang garners more attention around the world, the gay scene is destined to grow, reflected in the country’s first gay pride here in 2012.

Why Laos is not to be missed

Traditionally, gay travelers most enjoy the amazing level of cuisine and the gracious hospitality, and Luang Prabang is very warm and welcoming for all types of visitors.”

Why not check out Laos as a possible vacation destination?

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