Learn how to decorate a Palapa for the Holidays!

Learn how to decorate a Palapa for the Holidays

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Learn how to decorate a Palapa for the Holidays

The best way on how to Learn how to decorate a Palapa for the Holidays , is to get to one. Get yourself on a beach, preferably in one the  many Mexican Beach Paradises. Since the word Palapa means a traditional Mexican shelter roofed with palm leaves or branches.

Learn how to decorate a Palapa for the Holidays


Really, there is no correct way to decorate a Palapa. A good start, would be like, approaching it as your decorating your Christmas tree but with a twist.

For most, always, add your personality. Usually, the first step in how to decorate a Christmas tree is adding the lights. For God shakes your on a beach, where would you plug the lights in! So improvise, you can use reflective type decorations like old cd’s or better yet, your left over corona bottles. Allowing you to recycle all the beer bottles your drinking on the beach.

So traditional the next step or step 2 would be adding Christmas Tree Garlands. Well why not make them. You can use, either with magazines or any other kind of paper you can get your hands on. You”ll find that if you ask your waiter to get some scissors they”ll be more than glad to find some for you. So, remember when as a kid, you would create paper snowflakes. Now you can use this paper to string snowflakes into a garland! Voila, you’re garlands.

Now, step 3 would be hanging Christmas Tree Ornaments. If you’ve done the previous step,used all the beer bottles and made your garlands. Now you can grab, anything you can get your hands on. Grab seashells or any kind of other organic materials that have washed up on the beach.

And there you have it, you’ve just brought Christmas cheer to the beach. Allowing you to have decorations while your away for the Holidays.

Learn how to decorate a Palapa for the Holidays

Now you can also throw all that was suggested, all out the window. Should you not feel so creative and really just want to lay on the beach and continue soaking in the sun. All the while, enjoying the site of beautiful men half naked all around you. Well there’s another way!

If you have ever been away for the Holidays, you will be familiar with the Mexican Beach vendors. They have beautiful handmade decorations. Many of us have purchased them, to bring them back as souvenirs. So you can purchase some of these decorations and easily decorate your Palapa!

One thing is for sure, having experienced this first hand, once you start decorating it is contagious! Before you know it, your Palapa, isn’t the only one decorated. The Decorations will have sprung up all around you. Transforming your beach area. Everyone gets into the spirit. So really all you really need to do is get your ass there, on a Mexican beach and have fun decorating. So get away for the Holidays and Book your trip now!


Learn how to decorate a Palapa for the Holidays

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