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Gay Chicago

Being the third largest city in the US and smack in the middle of the country, it definitely has a large gay community. With lot’s to do do in this city. The two main gay areas in Chicago are:


Gay Chicago

This area was redeveloped, when the city of Chicago proposed a facelift for the area. At the same time, so were the improvements to develop a Gay and Lesbian neighborhood. This neighborhood was made to imitate similar ethnic identified neighborhoods. Back in the day, the area used to be a working class area, but now a days the area has transformed into a residential neighborhood with great entertainment. Boystown is known to be a colorful, lively neighborhood with a good nightlife. The atmosphere in this neighborhood is also very welcoming and inviting. This neighborhood is easy to get to using CTA public transportation and is also known for having some of Chicago’s theater, special restaurants, trendy stores, wine boutiques, and smaller shops. This is a great, upbeat neighborhood to live in and it has a great sense of community.


Gay Chicago

North of Boystown, Andersonville, boasts a more diverse population including a strong Scandinavian and Middle Eastern presence among its vibrant gay and lesbian community. Whether you’re in for a sophisticated evening or a naughty night, there’s a spot for you in Andersonville.

The neighborhood retains a comfortable, small-town feel and is just a 15-minute walk from Lake Michigan. It’s a popular place to live for families, gays and young professionals alike. It also has a growing Hispanic community.

With many locally owned shops and eateries, you’d never mistake its main drag — N. Clark St. — for the strip malls that seem to have overtaken much of this country. And you won’t find an IKEA here. Though some pundits have dubbed Andersonville a new hot spot for hipsters.

Places to Stay in Gay Chicago

Gay Chicago

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