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Dream Destinations in Montreal

Montreal offers amazingly unique experience for many travelers who are looking for best vacation time of their lives. The capital of the Canadian French Province, Montreal blends fantastic landmarks, bilingual cultures, world class hotels and world famous festivals.

Accommodation in Montreal is quite reasonable. Many hostels and hotels equipped with all necessities provide best services. All the hotels are located in central areas.

Historic old cities

Montreal has historic French influencing culture and it is one the major reason for backpackers to start revealing the old historic moment in the city. The streets and building architectural design gratifies European touch which dates back to the 16th century.

Apart from its historic entity of European culture, Montreal is just more than that. Whenever you walk around the city you will feel that you are no longer in North America because of cultural diversity which makes Montreal a completely different world.

Not to forget to mention about the Place Jacques where artists and musicians gather around with joy playing some good music and just entertaining the passerby. That moment feels like anywhere close to street in Paris. Fantastic restaurants and culturally important museums are also helpful to energize the city with European atmosphere.

Basilique Notre Dame is another landmark masterpiece that shows the historic achievements by European counterpart. The stunning architectural design makes it look massive design with colorful artwork and the 700 pipe Casavant Feres Organ.

Paradise in Parc Jean-Drapeau

As you move on to Parc Jean-Drapeau, you will be delighted with two beautiful islands, St Helene and Notre-Dame, which caters beautiful beaches, hostels and plenty of parks.

Without a doubt, Montreal has so many things to offer, and being one of the second largest cities in Canada, there are plenty of things to do too.  The Habitat 67 dramatic architectural construction housing project hold a grand view for travelers and is also one of the most popular area in Montreal.

The park also hosts the impressive Montreal Fireworks Festival where several pyrotechnic companies compete for a trophy with impressive displays over the Dolphin’s Lake. It attracts competitors and audiences from across the globe.

Around the city where there are so many interesting spots that you may find that you don’t want to leave without spending an hour or two. Many impressive festivals are celebrated, for example Montreal Fireworks Festivals is the one where contestants from many pyrotechnic companies compete with each other from a trophy.  And to get experience in such amazing festivals, you surely want to visit the flourishing world of Voyage Montreal which is one of the best destinations for many travelers around the world.

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