Discover Gay Portugal

Discover Gay Portugal

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Discover Gay Portugal – In 2010 Portugal legalised gay marriage, becoming the sixth European country to do so. Most Portuguese profess a laissez-faire attitude about same-sex couples, although how out you can be depends on where you are in Portugal. In Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve, acceptance has increased. Portugal is definitely one of the Gay & Lesbian friendliest countries in southern Europe. Especially in Lisbon, the gay scene is quite developed: gay and gay friendly restaurants, bars and clubs can be found all over the city, offering amazing nights out to locals and visitors of the city. The annual Lisbon Pride is very popular, gathering huge amounts of locals and tourists. It usually takes place in June after the Lisbon Bear Pride that is held on May 25 through May 30.

 Popular Gay Destinations in Portugal

Algarve, Portugal

Discover Gay PortugalAlgarve is the upcoming hot gay destination of Portugal. Gay Life in Algarve is pretty organized, it features many gay venues. The gay venues include several gay beaches and a few gay entertainment hotspots like gay bars & clubs. Summer is the best season for a gay traveler to visit Algarve, as it’s a region quite known for its beautiful beaches, the majority of the visitors tend to visit it during the months of July, August and September. Algarve hosts wonderful hotels and villas that are ideal for gay singles and couples as well.

Cascais, Portugal

Discover Gay PortugalAlthough, Cascais, is an alternative gay destination as it features an unorganized gay scene. It is very close to Lisbon and ideal for gay couples, as it combines a friendly and open atmosphere with romantic suites to stay and numerous idyllic scenery from dense vegetation landscapes and breathtaking views to unearthly beautiful natural phenomena. The coastal areas and the amazing beaches complement the impressive backdrop, offering also many opportunities for couple activities.

Porto, Portugal

Discover Gay PortugalPorto is a picturesque city in Portugal that makes every stroll through its graphic alleys a memorable experience. Although, gay life in Porto is underdeveloped you will find some dispersed gay venues around the area. Especially, around Porto Discrit you will find beautiful hotels that are perfect for gay travelers and are ready to host your most memorable holidays in Portugal.

Lisbon, Portugal

Discover Gay PortugalLisbon has a high level of gay acceptance and the most organised gay scene around Portugal. You will find several gay bars and the famous Beach 19, which attracts thousands of gay visitors every year! Additionally, you will find several wonderful hotels in Lisbon that are ideal for gay travelers and offer excellent accommodation experiences. Good to know, the Gay area is located in the oldest part of Lisbon: Bairro Alto.




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