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How to Create your own GayPride Tour!

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How to Create your own Gay Pride Tour- When ever I’ve gone to a Gay Pride parade or participated in one, it always does the job. It fills me up with Pride and clearly demonstrates how far we’ve come.

No more closets

For you younger ones, I can remember when attending a Gay Pride event was like going to a neighborhood block party, max 100 people were in attendance. Not to mention all the name calling and real fear that came with attending a gay public event. But, we did attend! So, every year, it got bigger and bigger. As we broke through, social morays evolved and Gay Pride festivities became Pride festivities, to include everyone. We all have the right to be Out and Proud, for who we all are. No more closets.

Pride Festivities

Now that Pride festivities take place, nearly, all over the world. We can choose to participate where ever you are in the world. Either in your own town, city, Country or heck even inter-continental. So there are 2 different ways to approach planning for your Tour.


The first reasoning would be a pioneering one. To encourage, the younger pride celebrations. To show your solidarity with them, ensuring that they continue to grow. Support their gay establishments and participate in their Pride. All the while, having lots of fun. Which in turn strengthens it for all. (Please keep in mind that these celebrations can be met with hostilities. So bring your old school badge of courage along) Here are a few exciting Gay Pride Travel suggestions:

Gay Pride

    New Delhi, India


Gay Pride
BeiJing, China

Celebrate Gay Pride

The alternative approach would be to attend more established Pride events. You still have all the benefits from the first approach and the same thought process goes into it. Odds are, you won’t be with much resistance but remember, when traveling, you should always keep your street smarts about you. Here are a few exciting Gay Pride Travel suggestions:

The Grand Tour

Gay Pride
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Gay Pride
Rome, Italy
Gay Pride
Paris, France
Gay Pride
London, England

Think Big

Now, think big! You can blend, the “grand tour” with Pride celebrations or go “American Continental”. Even better you can do the “Down Under” tour. If you plan it accordingly and have the time/money, you can have it all.

Just check the Pride Celebration Calendar and you can co-ordinate your tour.

The Down Under Tour

Gay Pride
Sydney, Australia
Gay Pride
Melbourne, Australia








Gay Pride
Canberra, Australia








A Pride Year Celebration. How fantastic is that. Now go ahead and start booking your Gay Pride Tour here and have fun.

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