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{}Those juggling college debt can still get the full spring break experience on a budget with ‘s best bargain destinations for 2017.

Spring break is a time when students can flock to warmer weather climates and enjoy a week break from their studies. These spring break festivities trace their roots all the way back to ancient Greece, when it was known as Anthestreria. Anthestreria was a celebration dedicated to Dionysus, the god of wine. Its appearance in the United States started in the mid 1930’s. However spring break’s real notoriety came about in 1959, when Time published its first article, Beer & the Beach” noting how it wasn’t about drinking a lot, but rather how students take pleasure in drinking all of the time. Since then spring break has been implanted in pop culture with spring break themed movies such as Where the Boy Are, Beach Blanket Bingo and more recently, what has been called a cult classic, Spring Breakers.

Viva Las Vegas

One of The hottest spring break destination, is Las Vegas. It always makes the top deals list everywhere.
Or, are you ready to relax on one of the quirkiest tropical islands in the world? Do you want to soak up the sun and explore an island with an international reputation for its laid-back attitude? Do you want to explore the coral reefs, watch breathtaking sunsets, swim with the dolphins then party through the night at clubs that know how to heat up the night? Then you’re ready for Spring Break in Gay Key West. This is the kind of spring break that you can remember with a grin and wish you had never left. A place where you can be yourself and feel welcome safe and free to let loose. Welcome to Gay Key West.

The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA), founded by five businesses in 1983, currently has over 1,500 members in 65 countries. It is a good resource for gay family travelers. From a searchable index of members sorted by travel
category and location, same-sex partners can get contact information for member resorts, travel agencies, tour operators and others catering to this market.


{}Cabo is an ultimate” destination for Spring Break. Outside this season it’s actually a pretty chill resort and fishing town with some excellent surf breaks.


Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta.


Located on Mexico’s west coast, it offers an assortment of beaches, with various options for fun, relaxation and recreation. Surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains, Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most popular destinations because of its outstanding infrastructure and genuine Mexican atmosphere.

Long a mecca for sun seekers and spring breakers, Cancun has now begun to cater to the gay community as well. The whole of the Riviera Maya area offers a mix of scenes from laid back beach to luxury resort to party central – with gay alternatives at every turn. Ever the trendsetter, Cancun has even started to open men only” hotels. And with beaches, diving and archeological wonders to entertain by day, and dining, dancing and general revelry for nighttime, there is never a shortage of fun in Cancun.

Why Choose Europe!

{}With OLD world backdrops, Europe is an excellent choice to combine History and party time. Many of it’s capitals are really great gay travel destinations. For example, Amsterdam has made its mark time and time again as a destination for gay-friendly travel. If your a traveler looking for something a little quainter. All the while, still maintaining historical charm, Brussels is a top choice. Home to some of the world’s best beers, chocolate and cuisine, visitors are always impressed. While not as abundant as other cities, there are several LGBT-friendly accommodations and late-night establishments in and around the city.

But if you want your spring break with thinner crowds, lose yourself in Turks and Caicos, only eight of whose 40 islands are inhabited. Away from the main tourist hub of Providenciales, you can kick back on the 1,000-acre private island of COMO Parrot Bay , or take a 25-minute flight to Sailrock Resort , which opens in January 2017 to provide a home base for the unspoiled 8.2-square-mile South Caicos and the world’s third-largest coral reef.

There are a great amount of Gay spring break choices and that can be done on a budget, with the correct Travel sites! Book it now !
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