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About iGaytrips- A Gay travel site that is designed by and for today's Gay traveler and their companions.

Why is it important to have such a site? What is so special/different about planning a Gay trip or vacation?

The inexperienced traveler might say so what. Especially now a days when , depending where you live, being gay doesn't matter. Well, guess what, that big beautiful world out there still cares, if your gay. This doesn't mean that you should go only to certain destinations in the world but you should know about them. Their laws and customs. Can your life be in danger. Do they welcome LGBT travelers. Who wants to go to a place that has made it known that they do not welcome you. Another consideration is , your going to spend your hard earned money there. This is why information/ knowledge is Tops (get it...Ha) Getting too heavy:)

Unfortunately, this is a reality.

On top of which, like many of us, you probably have a week or two at the most of vacation time and at any one given time. So, you want to make the best of it. While the last thing you need is, to encounter any sort of homophobia  on your vacation. That is why iGaytrip.com was created, so you don't have to  encounter this scenario. Avoiding any unnecessary unpleasantness on your next,great, gay trip.

For anyone who has, were sorry. Meanwhile you can totally understand why you should do your homework before traveling. iGaytrips.com is that homework, in a fun way, of-course. Sometimes the vacation of a life time can get ruined. Why should it? Minimize the odds by making a informed choice! Visit our site and enjoy the many ways of easily booking your next gay trip.

Thanks for the visit and enjoy!

So please read my suggested gay destinations and have the best gay vacation ever! Really Book it Now.

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