A Queer Version Of Airbnb Is Here

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Attention LGBT Travelers: A must Queer app to Have

Wimbify is designed to connect LGBT travelers with local LGBT hosts, so that we’re not only always sure to feel safe and welcome where we’re staying, but we’ll also be able to gain some immediate insights (and an “in”) to the local LGBT scene.

Visit new places and live like a local! Wimbify is not a “Gay Dating App.” Rather, it is a safe and secure community of like-minded people that want host fellow travel lovers in their home for free! Engage in cultural exchange by becoming a local guide and meet new friends before or during their trips. Wimbify isn’t just a lodging sharing mobile app: we offer a community that grows, flourishes and expands with every new member.

Check out the app and how it actually works for yourself! at Wimbify


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