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These 5 awesome beach holiday getaways are for those of us who’ve been dreaming, all year round, for a vacation. Well here are some fantastic gay beach getaways. Whether you want to let your hair down or hide it under a hat. These locations offer both options. Spend the day on a quite secluded beach and whop it up in the evening. Switch it up,  spend your day hiking, horse back riding and then have relaxing evenings. Enjoy fine dining! Party all day & evening long or chill all day, all night long. You can have your cake and eat it too. Hell it’s your vacation.

These hot gay travel destinations have been recognized by many LGBT travel organizations. Winning tons of accolades, both from the Gay and straight world. While, keeping this in mind, safety first, always have your street smarts with you. (see our travel tips). Scope the landscape and ask around. You”ll be surprised at how quickly common denominators will come up!

All in all, there is reason why these Gay travel destinations are mentioned. They have passed most “the gay tests” that a Gay traveler would be be looking for. Safety, Gay Friendly and Gay venues.  Along with beautiful weather, almost guaranteed,  lots of sunshine, sand & surf!

Be prepared for the adventure of a life time. Your best Gay trip ever.

These are our 5 awesome beach holiday getaways:


1. Capetown, South Africa

Cape town

2. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


3. Tel Aviv, Isreal

tel aviv beach

4. San Jose, Costa Rica

costa rica

5. Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

gay curasao

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