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San Francisco, USA

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As the song says, you can really leave your heart. in Old San Fran. What a beautiful travel destination. San Francisco, has truly become synonymis with Gay Travel and has earned it’s right to be a worldwide queer destination!
castro san franciscoThe city is know for being very Gay friendly and for being a great culture center. Offering the tourist, lots of great famous attractions. Like fisherman’s wharf, Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate bridge, historic Chinatown, Alcatraz Island and the list goes on and on. It can also boast a vast culinary selection of great restaurants, along with a vibrant nightlife. Now, we can’t go further without mentioning the gay epicenter of the city,”The Castro”.

The Castro is bustling all day long, but at night it really comes alive, as the bars fill up and the Castro Theatre‘s neon marquee lights up the main drag. Though the Castro’s nightlife doesn’t have as much to offer women as many lesbians would like, it remains a fairly safe neighborhood after hours, and there are plenty of places where women, queer or not, can feel at home.

Another great thing about San Francisco is that in recent years many other gay friendly neighborhoods have sprung up like Noe Valley, Bernal Heights and the Mission.

Really, San Francisco is one of those Gay Travel destinations that should be on your gay bucket list of places that are a must see. What are you waiting for, book it now!

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