Old Town San Diego

San Diego and the Old Town

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San Diego and the Old Town

San Diego often disappears in the shadow of Los Angeles, but it is a fantastic destination to visit. It is historic in the sense that it was the first place that the Spanish settled in the US after conquering Mexico, and you can take a trip around the old town to see the heritage of this. The old town is now a national park, and you can visit old churches and homes of the first settlers; as these villages then were missions for the catholic priests as well as the Whaley House which is considered to be the most haunted house in the United States of America. Guests have reported to see all of the members of the family who died in the house, including the youngest, baby Thomas Jr. Its an interesting place to visit and to see the first brick building built in California; modest now in terms of some of the mansions in the area.

For a fee you can buy a ticket to get on the Old Town trolley; a bus/tram ride that takes you not only around the Old Town but through downtown San Diego, the Coronado and Little Italy. You can stop on or off at any point, and the jolly tour guides give you lots of interesting information about the area in modern times and days gone by.

If you want to have lunch in a fantastic destination then stop at the Coronado and have some food at the Hotel Del Coronado, nicknamed the hotel Del. It is the oldest all wooden building in California, and sits right on the sand, perfect for a great view. It was the first hotel to have electric lighting, and has provided the backdrop for lots of films, not to mention housed royalty, presidents and celebrities since its opening in 1888.

If you are planning on taking a trip to San Diego then make sure that you have Travel Insurance to cover you against any accident or emergency while you are away. When travelling to America you will also need six months left on your passport and an ESTA.

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