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Paris, France……City of Lights, still a dazzler

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Paris is still a show stopper. It remains a top destination in Europe,  if not the world! From it’s Fashion, to gastronomy, it delights all the senses. Paris which is the world’s most visited city has become one of the world’s most gay city as well. You can go back and back to Paris and you”ll always find a jewel in it”s midst. Speaking of jewels, the gay area in Paris, is definitely one of them. It”s called  the Marais!

This Marais Gay Village has developed really during the last twenty years.

Paris, France......City of Lights, still a dazzler

Gay life in the 1960s and ’70s used to be mainly around rue St Anne in the 1st district and on the Left Bank. These discreet, hidden clubs, where one had to ring at the door to enter, have virtually all been closed now. Then in the 1980s a bit more flamboyant, small clubs started around Les Halles (rue de la Verrerie, rue des Lombard).

Today the entire heart of the Marais area has been taken over by gay businesses that flaunt rainbow flags and have transparent windows on the street side. Trendy activity has even spread lately beyond the historic Marais to the nearby Montorgueil pedestrian area. Those who can afford to live in these fashionable areas, are often characterized as the “bo-bo’s” (bourgeois-bohemian).

An old neighborhood of Paris, with it”s quaint narrow streets and awesome historic architecture. This district has lots of gay clubs, bars and restaurants. It’s now The place to be and stay. With an open attitude to all foreign visitors, Paris has now one of the biggest gay scene in Europe with over 100 gay places to go out, hundreds of excellent gay-friendly restaurants and bars, and more and more opportunities to be guided and welcomed in the beautiful historic center.

Paris, France......City of Lights, still a dazzler

If you’ve never been to Paris and even if you’ve stayed there before, you should decide to visit again the city of lights…Experienced visitors to Paris tell you that the best way to enjoy its charms is by strolling through parts of the city. Of-course avoid it in August, as most France and Italy are pretty much shut down (their vacation time).

All in all, use your city smarts in this big town. Although it is gay friendly, it is still a big city full diversity and diverse ideas. Having said this it is definitely a gay destination worth checking out and will make for a dream gay vacation of a lifetime. Why wait, book it now!

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