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For Gay Destinations, Thinking Outside the Obvious

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For Gay Destinations, Thinking Outside the Obvious
But of course a lot of people who enjoy travel, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, want to continuously add new cities to their “places I’ve been” list, so I asked a few gay travel experts to suggest a lesser-known or up-and-coming L …
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Fort Lauderdale named Destination of the Year by ManAboutWorld LGBT travel
In July, it became the first Convention and Visitors Bureau in the country to call for a repeal of its states’ gay marriage ban. It is currently conducting the first survey of transgendered travelers, showing sensitivity to all segments of the LGBT …
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17 Kick-Ass US Destinations For Your Same-Sex Wedding
Finding the perfect girl is only the first step to a kick-ass wedding, you also have to find a destination to match. … Indianapolis, IN – Delicious food, beautiful art and gorgeous museums make this city one of a kind and a wonderful place for LGBT …
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